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When you are looking to create a staircase area in a domestic or commercial property, there are a number of elements that will be required. The key to many of these will be the balustrades and an increasing amount of projects are making use of steel balustrades for their many benefits.

What is a balustrade?

A balustrade is made from a number of vertical posts that are called balusters. These are placed at even intervals and the connected together. They are most commonly used on landings to prevent people walking past the edge of a floor as well as in parks and other open areas as a safety measure. They are usually paired with a handrail.

The nature of balustrades are that there are many components in them and when they are made from steel, this means the use of fabrication to get all of the pieces of metal matching up exactly. SFS are expert fabricators based in Gloucester who have provided railings and balustrades for customers across Gloucestershire.

We create custom systems that work exactly in the space that you have and ensure that every balustrade works perfectly. Having worked in the industry for nearly two decades, we have the equipment and experience to fabricate the parts you need to create the look you want.

Why use steel?

Steel has become a popular option for railings and balustrades for several reasons.  Firstly, the strength of steel means that it complies with all safety standards and is a durable product that lasts for the longest time.  It isn’t prone to deterioration in the way that iron is and can easily be finished in a number of ways to suit the aesthetics of a space.

Steel is also easy to maintain and more cost effective than other metals.  Its longevity means it pays for itself over time and is easy to care for once installed.


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