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Key clamps are the essential components that combine with other metal parts to create handrails, barriers, guardrails, stair rails and even household features such as clothing racks.  These essential clamps give the strength to connections and need to be made by fabricators who are versed in working with steel and other metals, such as SFS.  We offer fabrication of key clamps and other steel elements to customers across Gloucestershire and can give a quote for any project.

Why you might want key clamps

Key clamps are an essential part of many safety systems.  For example, if you need a fire escape leading from the first storey of a building to the ground, then often clamps are required to connect the different sections.  This enhances the integrity of the structure and means that it will withstand the use of a number of people at once if there is an evacuation.

Another example where these clamps are used is in stair rail and barrier systems.  Open plan buildings are very popular for office space and shopping centres but these come with risks.  To offset these risks, stair rails, bannisters, barriers and other security features are used to prevent people falling or having an accident.  These are locked together with key clamps to ensure they can withstand frequent, repeated use.

Many uses of key clamps

Because we are one of Gloucester’s expert fabricators we can create key clamps that fit in with any system you have in place or want to add.  Increasingly, trends in industrial style interiors mean that key clamps and other elements are being used in homes as well as businesses.  We can offer various finishes to the metal we work with and this means they can be used in clothing and furniture racks as well as barriers and other systems.  We can offer a quote for any of the many uses of key clamps that you might require.


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