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Commercial buildings cover a vast range of building usage, including office space, retail units and warehouses, most likely an area in which a lot of people will be working, therefore, it is vital to ensure optimal safety precautions. One of the most important elements of any commercial building is that it has clear and reliable ways to escape the building in the event of a fire. One of the common ways to do this for above-ground-level areas is to use of metal fire escapes. At Site Fabrication Services, we can help you ensure your team are always safe by using our fabrication techniques to create steel fire escapes to exactly suit your building in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, and the local area.


Who Choose Steel?

Steel has overtaken iron in recent years as the most popular metal to create fire escapes, fencing, railings, and balustrades. This is primarily because it is much harder than iron and doesn’t deteriorate due to weathering. Steel is almost impenetrable and can be rained on every day for years without any signs of wearing.

Another reason that steel is popular is that it is very strong and this makes it compliant with building regulations. Our techniques as expert fabricators have seen us create fire escapes for buildings of all kinds across Gloucestershire. As well as commercial properties, we have also made metal fire escapes for homes in Gloucester and across the area where the upper floor is separate to the ground floor.


The Right Look for the Building

While the strength of steel is one of the primary reasons for choosing this material, there are other considerations that mean steel is popular for fire escapes. One of these is that we can create a fire escape that fits in with the look of the building. We can finish the steel to look in keeping with other metal on the building or even coat it to give it a matching colour.

Metal fire escapes offer a reliable and strong way to get people out of a building in the event of a fire. They are also very low maintenance, meaning that little is needed to keep them in top working order.

Choose Safety Now!

Our steel fire escapes save lives and protect people throughout the area.

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