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Steel security grilles and fences form a key part of protecting homes and businesses around the country.  At one time, these were ugly and awkward pieces of metal that spoiled the look of a building but offered the needed security. However, today, the modern fabrication systems at Site Fabrication Services mean that steel grilles and fences can look attractive while protecting your property in Gloucester, Gloucestershire


Catering to All Properties

Because we are fabricators based in Gloucester, we can visit your property and help you assess exactly what you need for your property. We have worked on properties across Gloucestershire and created steel security grilles that exactly fit the windows and doors. These offer the extra level of security that comes with having steel reinforcement to the entrances to your property.

We also offer several different styles so the look of the grille is attractive and can even come in different colours. X-shaped lattices and S-shaped variations are among the most popular for both domestic and commercial properties.

Safe Properties with Security Fences

In addition to creating security grilles for properties, we can also create security fences to exactly meet the measurements of your property. Security fencing comes in many different styles, including those that deter anyone wanting to climb the fence and gain access to the property.

In addition, there are barbed-top steel fencing styles that are often employed around commercial premises. Welded-mesh security panels offer an easy way to section an area that is strong and solid plus can come in a range of colours to match the business brand identity.

Security fences are increasingly being added to domestic properties and here we can create fences that look a little less functional and a little more attractive to form a solid and safe yet attractive-looking boundary marker.


Steel Fencing Services

Traditional fencing around a property has long been done with wood and while this offers a natural look, it can also be impractical for various reasons. This is why more and more homes and businesses are using steel fabricators to have custom fencing made to surround their properties. This is now a service that Site Fabrication Services offers to customers across Gloucestershire.

Benefits of Steel Fencing

One of the reasons that many homes and businesses in Gloucester have turned to using metal for their fencing is that it is stronger than wood and takes much less work to maintain. With wood, you regularly need to clean it and paint it, and even with all these efforts, it can still rot. Steel is almost impenetrable and this means it won’t deteriorate due to the effects of weather. Steel fencing made with expert fabrication processes will need little upkeep and will last the longest time.

Steel also brings a security level to fencing that wood simply cannot match. By erecting steel fencing, you are adding a security layer to your property that can put off casual thieves or burglars and help protect your home and property. These tough metal fences are designed to withstand all but the very specialist cutting equipment and by the time a thief has used such equipment, the police will definitely have arrived!

Steel fencing also offers a very modern aesthetic and can be worked into a wide variety of styles. These include quite ornate looks as well as functional ones to suit any type of property. With a lack of rust or other types of staining, they will continue to frame a property in a smart way for years to come.

Finally, if you do find you want to change your steel fencing, then the material is recyclable and can help raise funds towards the next fencing style you choose.


Custom Steel Gate Fabrication

We have a great deal of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing gates and railings. Whether it’s a simple garden gate or high-security fencing for commercial premises, our custom steel gate fabrication service is of the highest level.

Our team design your gates and railings to your specification and can add a wide range of features to meet your needs for security, for whatever purpose you require.

The features of these gates include:

Page 3 - The features of these gates include:

  • Access Control Systems

  • Barriers

  • Bollards

  • Burglar Bars

  • Finials

  • Gate Automation

  • Mesh Panels

  • Ornamental Ironwork

  • Parking Barriers

  • Telephone Entry Systems

  • Traffic Barriers

  • Turnstiles


How We Secure Your Assets

Page 3 - How We Secure Your Assets

  • Bespoke Gates and Railings

  • Gate and Railing Installation

  • Fire Escapes

  • Key Clamps

  • On-Site Welding

Protecting Your Property?

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