Walkways designed and built to your Unique Requirements in and around Gloucestershire.

When you need a walkway for any purpose, there are a number of materials to consider but the top of the list is usually steel. The expert fabricators at Site Fabrication Services can create steel walkways to suit you in Gloucester, Gloucestershire. We cater to all designs and purposes, all with the strength and longevity that comes from working with the metal. For high-quality building walkways, get in touch!

What Are Steel Walkways?

“Steel walkways” is a general term used to describe any of several constructions that are used in and out of buildings around the country. For example, a bridge made from steel in a simple design that is crossed on foot is an example of steel walkways. These usually combine a mesh-style walkway with rails to prevent anyone falling off the bridge.

Walkways around the interior and exterior of a building are another purpose for the kinds of products that our fabrication systems can create. We have made these for buildings around Gloucestershire, including homes that are embracing the industrial interiors trends; they make excellent ways to cross an open-plan space.

They can also be used to add balconies to buildings and are popular on flats where each flat can have a steel walkway outdoor area while providing shelter for the entrances underneath.


Safe and Secure

Because we fabricate all the parts as required, the structures that we create are as safe and secure as possible. As well as bridges and inter-metal features, this kind of walkway is often used for access areas and fire escapes because the steel will withstand the elements without deterioration in the way that iron does.

We can also offer a range of finishing touches to the walkways to ensure they fit with the aesthetic of the building. This includes different flooring options, types of rails, and even different styles of walkway so matching existing metalwork is simple.

Adding a Walkway?

Ensure your safety is taken care of with a building walkway from our experts.

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